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Supply Chain Optimization Hub: Building Resilience, Maximizing Efficiency

In a rapidly evolving landscape, adaptability is key to thriving. Our Supply Chain Optimization Hub offers comprehensive strategies to fortify your supply chain, from planning and execution systems to physical network restructuring. Explore tailored solutions designed to enhance performance, mitigate risks, and seize opportunities in the ever-changing market.

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An organization's response to a crisis is enabled by its planning and execution system. A non-integrated system of Planning and Execution would take an eternity for management to retrieve the right information and formulate a response. In the past few years, major initiatives were made in the warehousing and transportation functions as goods delivery continues to be hampered by inefficient practices. The right planning tools, coupled with best-fit execution systems, need to be installed.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chains were constrained creating huge gaps in supply. This, coupled with abnormal demand—with some products experiencing a ten- or even twenty-fold increase versus pre-COVID-19 numbers—created opportunities in firms, but also exposed vulnerabilities in the Supply Chain.

New government regulations, changes in consumer buying habits, supplier capability, and emerging new sales channels have all changed the dynamics of the supply chain. Lean and other optimization strategies have proven to be wanting. A need to review and re-design the internal and external supply chain is imperative.

The sad realities of failure in one link in the supply chain, which creates a ripple effect on other firms and across industries, necessitates what new variables or key factors need to be monitored and acted upon. A firm's speed in recognizing a change in the marketplace, as well as its upstream network of suppliers, is a key factor in the new normal.

Supply chains and consumer channels are in a constant state of flux and evolution. Unfortunately, most companies' business processes were developed in the pre-pandemic era. It is thus essential to stop doing certain business processes which have, traditionally, worked in the past. This is not difficult; the real challenge is identifying which old processes need to be retired, and determining what new processes need to be implemented to operate in the "new normal."

For instance, an automotive company in Germany reviewed and modified more than 200 individual processes for starting up and operating their production plants in view of social distancing policies at the height of the pandemic. Internal processes necessitate a thorough analysis and revision of existing policies and procedures.

As new ways of operating the business are implemented, employees need to be trained on these new processes and policies. Equally important is the understanding of how the new processes interact with each other, as well as the concept of all the elements and players interacting together to best serve the final consumer.

Prosults regularly conducts public workshops, but should your organization require training and education in one of the more specialized and company-specific courses, please feel free to contact us to set up an in-house workshop.

Restructuring the physical supply network involves identifying key supply chain facilities, optimizing their capacity, and determining the best way to channel demand through the supply network to meet customer service requirements while minimizing costs.

While this is part and parcel of the Supply Chain Strategy Review, it is normally considered separately, as the physical supply chain has shown many vulnerabilities in the current crisis. For instance, in the Philippines, the Enhanced Community Quarantine, Rapid Pass, public transport suspension, and other factors all made the movement of goods and employees a greater challenge for most firms. A review of the total supply network of production centers, warehouses, distribution centers, and transportation providers is imperative to compete in the new environment.

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Charlie Liu

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Four years ago, Jovy and his team helped us set-up our supply chain and inventory planning systems and disciplines. Since then our inventory efficiencies improved by 30% and customer service levels by 50%. What a life saver! Thanks to Jovy, we are a better and stronger organization today.

John Dela Rosa Co

Petbowe Group of Companies

Bringing a small scale business and making it a large and successful organization is a common goal of growing businesses. Jovy Jader was instrumental in transforming our trading business to one of a supply chain model. And he continues to guide us in our scaling up process.

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